The Brokers

It has a unique technology, allowing greater operational and financial flexibility of equities, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Metals and other commodities.

Our History

In the market since the Forex industry began, The Brokers Capital has worked hard to build a strong operating environment and deliver superior customer service. Our history has allowed us to build rich knowledge and a winning team. Today we offer 6 asset classes and the smallest spread in the market with offices in the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Our team is made up of technology, systems engineering, economics, finance and legal professionals who take care of every step of your operations, so you can focus only on capital gain.


Offer an easily accessible platform focused on buying and selling currencies, immediate liquidity and no paperwork. So that anyone, with or without experience in the stock market, can perform and act in the financial market.


We work to be a reference in a simple, quick and low cost capital increase operation. Anyone can trade right on the platform without the need for a broker or bank quickly and simply.


Market solidity, transparency of results, speed of execution of operations, service in Portuguese and quick opening of account. We work to ensure that our clients get a quick return on the amount invested.

MetaTrader 5

With advanced graphing tools and strategy testers, MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform that empowers your trading in every way.

Leverage your operations by 1:500


On the Real account, for every $ 1 you send, you can trade up to $ 500, so if you deposit $ 100 you can trade $ 50,000 on the same day. Submit your deposit today and start trading!

The demo account is important for testing your skills and understanding the speed and practicality our platform offers at no cost. Test now trade currency pairs, international stocks, precious metals, bitcoin and a lot more



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